Friday, September 24, 2010

More Mini-Moon Photos!

Our first morning of our Mini-Moon we decide that we want a good breakfast, so where do we Portland. Yes, we drove 20 min. back into Portland, about 6 blocks from our apt. to have breakfast. It was really good though. Here you see Brian with his french toast!

At the hotel there are large outdoor porches to lounge on, read, or relax. We found this one porch with this deep bench-thingy. Brian loves this image because he says it makes me look like a true miniature person, "the smallest thing ever" - Brian

Ruby's Soaking Bath

These photos were taken the last morning of our stay, around 8am, we decided to go in one last time before check out.

They also have showers in the soaking baths that Brian is trying to was off that morning.

Here is our "Experimental Image" section. We found that my digital camera can select a color and have that be the only color in the image, making everything else black & white. We had fun.

This one of Brian is crazy, if you look at the background you will see that every persons face is in color too.

This seemed to be a popular spot for people who wanted to hear the concert but not pay for the concert.

They told us that we couldn't stand right at the fence and look in because we would be blocking a fire lane...this was our solution.

And this is our view of Ray LaMontagne


Ingrid said...

The hotel you stayed at looks wonderful. I love the camera tricks you played. As far as the concert creative....simply a way to get around all of the rules.

Ingrid said...

Renee, the bench picture reminds me of a skit Lilly Tomlin used to do on a show called, "Laugh-in". She used to get dressed up in baby clothes and sit in a giant, white rocking chair (just like you) and talk with a lisp. It was hilarious.