Sunday, September 12, 2010

And Then They Got Hitched!

On September 9th, 2010 we got hitched!

When most people imagine their wedding day, the first thing they think about is going through an airport-level security screening complete with metal detectors and x-rays of the rings. Ahhhh tradition.

The wedding was scheduled for 5:30 and since the courthouse officially closes at 5:00 we got to walk through the deserted building.

Judge Bloch was a jovial guy. This picture was right before we began - our friend instructed us to "look nervous" - 2 out of 3 of us understood those directions.....the shorter two.

After that it was all smooth sailing!

Judge Bloch told us this is known as "the money shot"

After the wedding we chatted with the judge in his chambers. We talked about art, rocks and our friend Lori persuaded him to put on his robe and pose with his gavel. We de-friended soon after.

Just married!


The guy on the bench kept clinking his glass.

Here's the entire wedding party! Left to right: Nancy (Maid of honor), Brian, Renee, Lori (Best woman), tree.

Take THAT threshold!

We love you all very much and are very excited for our ceremony back in Michigan in June!


Mark said...

What great photos and witty captions as well. Thanks for sharing your day with us -- gotta love da Judge! Dad

annajcook said...

I second Dad's enthusiasm for the photos -- guess that's what you get with a bunch of artists and a camera :).

Did the tree have to leave a leaf-print as a witness on the wedding papers?

Looks like you guys had a blast -- you'll have to be consultants when it's our turn ;)


Ingrid said...

Congratulations to a wonderful couple! Anna has a great idea, you two could be wedding planners. It looked amazing. I'm so happy for you.

M and L said...

I share the sentiments of excitement! Renee, you look so beautiful and Brian, so dapper. I know you two will be truly happy!!! Thanks for sharing! <3