Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bizarro Dairy Queen

Right across the street from Brian's school is a Dairy Queen....but it's no ordinary Dairy Queen.

It is a non-franchise Dairy Queen - which means they make their own menu. Don't even try to order a value meal, they don't even have them. It's the only DQ where you can order such gems as, "The Chas Special" and "The Hillsburger." What are these sandwiches? Only one way to find out!

Unlike other DQ, your meal comes on a real plate. This is "The Hillsburger" - the largest of their sandwiches we were told.

We were warned by a colleague that they love to put on a lot of mayo and "Special sauce" on their sandwiches, so we asked for it on the side. We were glad they did when for our one burger they gave us two ice cream dishes FULL of each!

Here you can see Renee demolishing her half of "The Hillsburger" in all it's glory.


Ingrid said...

Wow! I with the Dairy Queen in Romeo would serve some of the delicious sounding meals as this one. That burger looked delicious!

Ingrid said...

I forgot to ask....what about the ice cream?