Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mata Ray Night Snorkel

On our second to last day we signed up for a night snorkel session with a company that Racheal and Christian are guides for in their spare time - After the sunset you take a boat out to a very specific spot in the ocean where the Manta Rays come to feed on plankton. It is apparently one of the top 10 dives in the WORLD!

This first video gives you a good idea of the whole process. (Click on the videos to see them larger!)

This second video gives you a better idea of how big they are - also look for the Manta with the broken fin in front. We saw her a lot during our dive and she looped under us so close that her belly brushed ours! Brian had to pick up his flashlight so she didn't run into it!

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Ingrid said...

Wow, the mantas are bigger than I thought. That must have been amazing. Their mouths look so scary....