Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our last day in Hawaii

On our last day we made one final trip in a last ditch effort to find the elusive dolphins. Our first stop was to a place called "2 step" (above).

As we swam out in the ocean be began to hear some chirping sounds. And then all of a sudden we were surrounded by dolphins! We counted at least 24 swimming with us!

We were so close that one almost hit Brian! *NOTE* we didn't take these pictures but someone else who was at 2-step did!

For our last dinner we tried Poké, from Da Poké Shack. Poké are large chunks of raw fish that is seasoned over rice. It was actually really good.

Last sunset from Christian and Rachael's apt. there view was amazing! This is LITERALLY the view from their living room!

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Ingrid said...

I think perhaps a precursor to liking poke is liking sushi..... the dolphins looked cool, though!