Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Seahorse Farm!

We are staying with some friends of Brian's from Holland, Christian and Rachel. We have been having such an amazing time here and all with their help! Our first morning we had the privilege of being woken up by one of the local roosters. I named him Johnathon Livingston Chicken...that ones for you Ingrid!

I also have some images of our trip to the Seahorse Farm! It was really amazing. Christian works there and give some of the tours as well, he did such a great job.

Here is Christian as our faithful tour guide!

We were able to hold the Seahorses too!
Brian's was named Jupiter

My little guy was named Brutis

Brutis was so cuddly :) He hung on for such a long time and relaxed and reclined in my palm.


Ingrid said...

Obviously, Jonathan Livingston Chicken discovered that boredom and fear and anger are the reasons that a rooster’s life is so short and with these gone from his thought, he lived a long fine life indeed. Enjoy the crowing.

Ingrid said...

Renee, I can't even imagine how wonderful it must have been to become Brutus' Lay Z Boy. I'm sure he appreciated it.

Ingrid said...

Renee and Brian!! It looks like you guys are having so, so much fun! The seahorses are awesome!! Love you! Carla :)