Saturday, October 9, 2010

Denver in 26 Hours

Last Weekend Warner Brothers flew us out to Denver for a Muse concert because Brian designed a poster for the band. Due to Brian having to work we only had time for a crash course Denver tour!

Saturday, 6:28 am - We waited to board the train to the airport.

Saturday, 2:03 pm - We land in Denver!

Saturday, 4:08 pm - We walked down to the Denver Museum of Art and to our excitement entry was FREE because it was the first Saturday of the month!

Saturday, 4:42 pm - Brian is confused.

Saturday, 4:52 pm - a view of the famous gold-topped building of Denver....or something.

Saturday, 8:40 - We take our seats at the Pepsi center!

Saturday, 8:47 pm - Muse take the stage!

Saturday, 9:37 - This is Matt, the lead singer of Muse. You can get a good idea for the tickets that Warner Brothers hooked us up with!

Saturday, 11:35 pm - We head back to the hotel after the concert. Denver has some pretty cute shopping districts!

Sunday, 9:34 am - We happened upon this car. Interesting parking technique.

Sunday, 10:12 am - We found out that the car was actually a sculpture outside of the Denver Contemporary Art Museum. Inside the museum we found the second sculpture/cave. Most of the "scales" are made from butterfly wings!

Sunday, 10:17 am - We found this cool window in the art museum and Renee wanted a picture in front of it.

Sunday, 10:19 am - The picture turned out so cool that we decided to take some more...

Sunday, 10:22 am - Using the timer on our camera opened up a whole slew of possibilities!

Sunday, 10:23 am

Sunday, 10:26 am

Sunday, 10:27 am

Sunday, 10:34 am - leave it to artists to make art in an art museum!

Sunday, 7:13 pm - Our plane landed

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Ingrid said...

I love the acrobatics in front of the window!