Saturday, May 17, 2008

Watering Hole

Yesterday was around 95 degrees here in sunny Portland. In order to beat the heat we decided to go and investigate a public fountain that we had been told about. It was awesome! It was actually more of a swimming area than a fountain as there were tons of people climbing in and out of the pools. Bonus points if you can pick out Renee!

There are no railings or anything and there is just a sign that reads, "swim in the fountain at your own risk". From these pictures you can see how high some of the pools are though and people kept standing right on the edge. We decided that no one would be allowed to have this much fun in a fountain in west Michigan.


Mark said...

I'm going to say that is her in the center left, sitting by herself on the ledge, hands in lap with feet hanging down.

What a cool looking spot -- I got refreshed just looking at it and its only 62 degrees in West Michigan


PS: Love the A* card!

Ingrid said...

Definitely the gal with the gray backpack, lower right.

Ingrid said...

Renee, this place reminds me of Feltzenmehr in Germany. Remember the place with all of the giant rocks and absolutely no supervision or danger signs??!