Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dropping Obama on yo Mama

Today we attended a rally in downtown Portland for Barack Obama. Apparently we were not the only ones who thought it was a good idea to go sit in the hot sun in 80 degrees with no shade for 5 hours, as the rally was reported to have a record setting 75,000 attendees. The line to even get in was estimated at nearly 20 city blocks. We managed pretty good seats however (shown by the white star in the first two pictures). The stage is all the way to the right in the top picture.

Take that Woodstock.

For anyone interested in the news coverage of the event please click here.


annajcook said...

Yay! I heard about the rally on NPR this morning, and wondered if you guys had been there :). Nice to know the family was represented!

Ingrid said...

Hey, when I looked at the picture I think I saw you two waving. Cool.