Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dr. Zoom und Robot Ralph

A few weekends ago we went to the coast. One morning we stopped at this super old coffee shop that was filled with vintage posters and photos from the area. This one caught my eye as I'm always interested in old poster design and the "Hello Der" was too funny not to get a picture of.

As I was taking the picture, one of the locals leaned over and said, "you know, the original Dr. Zoom is right here" - he pointed to the guy next to him. The guy next to him was less than pleased at being pointed out and crabbed at the guy to "never do that again." for about 10 minutes.

Given his reaction I didn't want to ask for a picture with him and his poster - so I resorted to secretly taking pictures of him with my phone - and listening to their banter about learning math and geometry when they went to school as kids.

I'm kinda worried that he saw me take this one! Run!!!

Read more about Dr. Zoom and his HERE!

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Ingrid said...

How fun! I find the resemblance to both Groucho Marx and Hitler very interesting. I loved the posters.