Thursday, October 27, 2011


A few weekends ago Brian got the opportunity to take a glass blowing workshop.

The workshop was only 3 hours, and he thought he would be working pretty small-scale. WRONG! Bring on the full size molten glass!

Here is is rolling it into some colored glass flecks.

It was about a 15 step process and inbetween each step you had to keep it heated in the furnace.

Who needs gloves? Apparently they don't use those...

So cool!


Ingrid said...

That looks amazing! I would love to try that. I'll bet it's a lot harder than it looks. Was the glass bulb hard to blow?

Carla said...

How cool is that! What did you end up making?

Brian Cook said...

Ingrid - the glass bulb was SUPER hard to start. Some people never got past that stage. However, I had watched a bunch of people fail ahead of me and the first one I blew I popped like bubble gum!

Carla - I made a glass float/ornament sphere. Unfortunately it has to stay in the furnace for 48 hours after you finish and cool down gradually, so I am trying to get it sent to me :)