Monday, July 20, 2009

Hanging with Coldplay

As we mentioned in an earlier post, Brian won a design contest (for the shirt he's wearing in this picture) and we got to meet the band before an upcoming show here in Portland. They were all super friendly, especially considering that Chris seemed like he just woke up (wearing sweat pants, old tennis shoes and a ratty shirt).

Also - if you are interested in hearing Brian's super in depth review you should click HERE.

The other half of the winnings were that we got to sit on the stage for the show. Unfortunately after Renee snapped this picture they told us they didn't want us to take any more. It's okay though because we were behind this netting and although we could see really well, it looks like the pictures wouldn't have turned out great

Here is a picture from the show that I found online - you can kind of see the shadows of us standing on the side of the stage - right next to their guitar tech!

These are shots that I pulled from other people who got shots of the concert from the crowd.

During their song Lovers in Japan - they realease a bajillion paper butterflies into the crowd. The second wave of them were neon colors and they turned on black lights which was AWESOME! Check out the video below.

There is a nice pan in the first minute of this video that shows just how big the venue was - literally a sea of people.

at about 3:24 in this video, Chris is singing right in front of the guitar tech's station - we are RIGHT next to the station - I tried to see if you can glimpse us standing behind the curtain but looks like we're covered pretty well.


Ingrid said...

Amazing photos! I'm so glad you both enjoyed the concert.

Ingrid said...

You guys, I can actually see Renee's cute little skirt behind the curtain on the picture with the pink arrow! Awesome.