Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dave Chappelle Stops by PDX

So Brian heard a rumor that Dave Chappelle was planning on doing some impromptou comedy downtown in Pioneer Square at midnight last night. We headed down to see what the hubub was all about around 10:30 - there were maybe 20-50 people hanging around with us.

We were right in front of the stage, but the crowd grew and grew behind us, until there were probably about 4000 people crammed in. Since this was all word of mouth rumors, nobody knew if he would really show. By 12:45 people were starting to get antsy. And by antsy, I mean that we were worried abotu a riot starting. Were were just about to leave when he actually SHOWED UP! Crazyness! The only problem was that all he brought was a small amp, and even being a few people away from him, we could hardly hear what he was saying.

He said, "I wasn't expecting this many people, as you can tell by my audio setup. I told four people, and four thousand showed up. Next time I better not tell anybody"

We left around 1:30am because it was pretty obvious that nothing was going to get worked out quickly. Apparently they couldn't remedy the sound situation he eventually had to call it a night.

Here are some pictures and video. The news one is funny because they have all the facts wrong, saying that he actually performed (not true, although he might have been there for about an hour, trying to control the crowd and figure out the sound) - they also said his mic didn't work. It did - but he only had a 12 inch guitar amp - and grossly underestimating the number of people there. The second one is him actually talking.

Read a full article about what happened HERE.

Dave Chappelle at Pioneer Square

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Ingrid said...

Wow. I'll bet finding a parking spot after coming home from the airport was a challenge!!