Saturday, February 16, 2008


A few days ago we took the train to the zoo/washington park.

At the zoo Renee bad some feathered friends.

Somehow we managed to escape the exhibit without being pooped on. A feat in itself judging by our fellow visitors.

The zoo had a SPECTACULAR bat exhibit. It consisted of a semi-circle cage which you could walk into. From there you were surrounded by large glass windows which were lit from above and filled with hundreds of bats. The cave area also had fruit hanging so the bats were super active and feeding.

Here you can se the bats crawling on the top of the cage.

Because the windows were slanted, you could get extremely close to the bats. Although getting them to stay still long enough to take a picture was a different story.

This orangutan ran right up to the viewing window to check out all the people. He just hung out and stared at us. He particularly seemed to like little kids in strollers.

This guy didn't stop doing laps the whole time we were watching him.

These sea lions were HUGE!

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