Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Park

Yesterday we climbed up to the top of a large bluff which is right in our back yard. From there we could see most of the city and found a really nice park and some trails through the woods. We could see a ghostly version of Mt. Hood which unfortunately didn't come out in the picture. However, Renee is excited to direct your eye to the city.

Here is the park at the top of the bluff. It is amazing how you can be in downtown Portland one minute and the next be in the middle of the wilderness.

This is a path up into the woods. Renee is looking for a hummingbird we spotted earlier.


annajcook said...

Hey! I remember being there :). It looks greener this time around, oddly enough.

Ingrid said...

You can really enjoy the best of both worlds in one city. Cool!