Friday, August 19, 2011

Costa Rican Honeymoon!

After the wedding Renee and I headed to Costa Rica! After some travel challenges (which involved flight delays and driving 2 hours from the airport to resort at 3am!) we finally made it! The next morning this was the view from our room :)

Here is Renee (considerably happier than during out travels)

There were three huge pool areas - this was the main one with fake islands/beaches and wading pools in it.

The highly for Renee was the fact that wild iguanas like to hang out on our porch!

The resort was right on the ocean - this is a pretty old (very long) dock. IT was beautiful to walk out at night and watch the sunset...or a storm come in.

While we were having a snack in the pool, this iguana rushed out of the bushes at us when we set our food on the side of the pool! We thought he was going to dive right in with us at first!

Renee kept getting bolder and bolder with the iguanas. She wanted to take a really close-up shot at this one sunbathing....

I wish you could have heard the scream when this one charged at her!

We took a day trip up into the rainforest to do some zip-lining!

The views from the rain forest were amazing!

Renee opted for the horse-ride up to the start of the zip-line. Brian (who had food poisoning the day before) opted for the truck-ride. Upon arrival, it was a toss up whose rear was more sore as the truck to the same road the horses did - including driving through rivers!

He we are! suited up and ready to go!

Here's Renee - ready to go!

The first one was the most nerve-racking...

Here's Brian repelling down a cliff!


Here's a video to show you how fast we traveled!
This was one of the longer sections :)

A few days later we went to Manuel Antonio which is a national park right on the water! We hired a guide to take us through and show us the wildlife (well worth it!)

We saw Monkeys...


...Spiders (this one's called Zig-Zag because of his weird web!)...


...HUGE dragonflies...

...can you see the stick-bug?...

after hiking through the hills we ended at the beautiful/ secluded white sand beach! It was amazing!

Here's another video of a "sleeper" plant we saw there. Cool!

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Ingrid said...

Wow! That trip looked like it was wonderful. Thanks for sharing the pictures.