Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloweeeeen! Here are our 2010 costumes!

The Surgeon

The Lobster

The Perfect Housewife

Super scary faces, lot of Halloween fun!

Pumpkin Carving Party!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Denver in 26 Hours

Last Weekend Warner Brothers flew us out to Denver for a Muse concert because Brian designed a poster for the band. Due to Brian having to work we only had time for a crash course Denver tour!

Saturday, 6:28 am - We waited to board the train to the airport.

Saturday, 2:03 pm - We land in Denver!

Saturday, 4:08 pm - We walked down to the Denver Museum of Art and to our excitement entry was FREE because it was the first Saturday of the month!

Saturday, 4:42 pm - Brian is confused.

Saturday, 4:52 pm - a view of the famous gold-topped building of Denver....or something.

Saturday, 8:40 - We take our seats at the Pepsi center!

Saturday, 8:47 pm - Muse take the stage!

Saturday, 9:37 - This is Matt, the lead singer of Muse. You can get a good idea for the tickets that Warner Brothers hooked us up with!

Saturday, 11:35 pm - We head back to the hotel after the concert. Denver has some pretty cute shopping districts!

Sunday, 9:34 am - We happened upon this car. Interesting parking technique.

Sunday, 10:12 am - We found out that the car was actually a sculpture outside of the Denver Contemporary Art Museum. Inside the museum we found the second sculpture/cave. Most of the "scales" are made from butterfly wings!

Sunday, 10:17 am - We found this cool window in the art museum and Renee wanted a picture in front of it.

Sunday, 10:19 am - The picture turned out so cool that we decided to take some more...

Sunday, 10:22 am - Using the timer on our camera opened up a whole slew of possibilities!

Sunday, 10:23 am

Sunday, 10:26 am

Sunday, 10:27 am

Sunday, 10:34 am - leave it to artists to make art in an art museum!

Sunday, 7:13 pm - Our plane landed