Monday, January 18, 2010

It's Vegas Baby!

What happens in on this blog!

At the Venetian Hotel

First night out on the town with my sister Carla and her husband Mike! We had a blast!
This is Carla & Renee on Fremont street at night

Paris Las Vegas at night!

Sigfried & Roy statue

Watch out Brian! Grrrrrrr!

All the different colors of M&M's

The first illustrations of the M&M candies, drawn in 1954, Brian loved seeing all the different illustrations starting at 1954 through 2010! It was really cool to see.

Excalibur at night

We stayed at the Golden Nugget and they had an amazing pool. The slide went from the 3rd story down through a shark tank, then into the pool! It was amazing. They had over 10 different kinds of sharks in the tank!

In front of New York New York!

Before we went into Excalibur

The night at the GAMGA (German American Masquerade Association) Masquerade Ball!

Carla & Mike in their masks

My Grandma & Grandpa Dancing at the ball. My Grandpa is wearing his Prinz hat for the festival.

This is our table representing Michigan for the festival. If you ever want to see a group of adults return to childhood give them a few balloons to play with, I have never seen faces light up so fast! They had a lot of fun!

Brian, Renee, Grandma, Grandpa, Mike, and Carla at the Masquerade Ball

At the Palazzo, what an amazing view!

This ones for Ingrid!!!
Can you believe that a Bonanza Gift store doesn't have Bonanza souvenirs?! No joke, not one Bonanza item in the entire store! Sorry Ingrid

Our last night in Vegas at the GAMGA ball!
Grandma & Grandpa in their Prinz & Prinzess outfits

Mike & Brian in their festival hats for the GAMBA ball, they looked so cute! Just like elves!

All of the GAMGA royalty!
Grandma & Grandpa are on the first level on the left side

Our last morning together, we are all waiting for our airport shuttle to arrive

We had such a nice time in Vegas together, it is always nice to get to see family and to check out Las Vegas!


Ingrid said...

I'm so happy you had such a great time in Vegas. It's nice to see Carla and Renee together. Are you sure you looked at all of the shelves in the Bonanza store? Did you ask the clerk?????

Mike Devereaux said...


Brian Cook said...

It was a gala event.