Wednesday, August 5, 2009

San Francisco

HELLLLOOOO San Francisco cable car!


The famous pointy building.

As we walked through Chinatown we saw a huge truck pull up and a guy started dumping full nets of live fish into a trash bin for the store to sell. About as fresh as fish can get.

Almost got away, dude. Almost.

Blueberry break.

Cell phones are cool in San Francisco.

Seals: Nature's pillows

I spy the golden gate!

This is an island they built to use in this film from the 90's about Sean Connery escaping from island prison.

Johnny Depp's boat.

Going over the GGB.

Brian's new talent: jumping in front of the camera right before the picture is taken.

Cell phones are still cool in San Fran!

Hi, Renee!

Duck, Duck, Swans!

Here's Brian - hanging off a cable car! Somehow we jumped on one a block down from where people had been waiting over an hour to board!


annajcook said...

I am totally envious...

Ingrid said...

That vacation looked wonderful. Did Renee spend an hour looking at the seals?