Saturday, May 23, 2009

Seinfeld Live!

A few weeks ago, Brian was lucky enough to nab some tickets to see Seinfeld live. The show was at the Portland Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall which is a really cool old theater downtown.

They didn't allow cameras in...but they didn't expect us to have our camera BINOCULARS! (pictured above) A useless prize from a contest Brian won last year. So the images aren't the best quality, but they at least serve as proof of us being there!


annajcook said...

not-so-useless prize as you've proved . . . Brian, only you would win something like that and then find a use for it! Despite the poor quality, the sequence of shots is actually kinda cool.

miss you!


Ingrid said...

I've never seen Seinfeld look better. I'll bet the show was fantastic.

Ingrid said...

I believed you even without the pictures.