Thursday, March 26, 2009


The OMSI is the Portland Science museum - last night it was open late for adults only.

The main exhibit was on Da Vinci - they had really cool replicas made on from Da Vinci's invention sketches in his famous notebooks. This picture was taken before we found out pictures weren't allowed.

Da Vinci also apparently invented infinity.

There was a giant room filled with foam balls that you could "experiment" with.

Brian "experimented" with magic.

Renee "experimented" by cleaning up after everyone. The ball room had never been cleaner.

This guy had lots of hair.

This guy didn't have any hair.

We missed the bus on the way home, but got to walk back over the bridge on foot.

There was quite a nice view of the city.


Check out the spinning wheel of death!

Watch ot Pixar, there's a new animation studio in town!

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Ingrid said...

How much fun is this? Can we go there on adult night when I visit?