Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rose Garden in Bloom

Last weekend was the "best rose" judging ceremony at the Rose garden (a short walk uphill from the apartment). The roses that have made it into the running have a special flag with a number next to them. There are apparently two categories - Best Rose & Most Fragrant. We happened to be there when this was going on so we got to walk around with all the official ballot carriers and smell along with them.


Half the people there were dressed like this. One guy had a furry robe on like a king. Apparently that means they're really good smellers or least that's what I think.

There are about a bajillion different roses in the garden. In the background you can see all the white "suits".

Each rose really did smell different.

This one smelled like mandarin oranges! Crazy!

Calender ready pictures....

No Photoshop work needed here.

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Ingrid said...

I want to be a "good smeller" too. I have the outfit.