Thursday, January 24, 2008


Here it is.
Fun fact!: This apartment building was also the site of the infamous Stanley Dunderhofferman murders of 1974.

Here is the kitchen area. It came equipped with an old potato bin and ice boxes.

This is the living area, complete with visitors from afar.

Find of the day: Not sure what he is. Are taking submissions for names.
Also, are those his arms? Or is he the only stuffed animal I've ever seen with a nosebleed.


annajcook said...

Nosebleed was definitely what I came up with. Question: if she/he/it and the green dude(ette?) you got for Christmas procreated, what would they look like?

Ingrid said...

you big sillies, obviously you have to be 50 to realize this is an animal that just sucked a rabbit up its nose!!!!!!!!!