Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Begins!

School is out! On the last day of school, Brian had a student (a boy believe it or not), bring him this picture he drew of Brian as a "My Little Pony" cartoon. And who says teaching is a thankless job!

As you know by now we are not ones to waste time. The day after school ended, our car was packed up and we drove to Seattle for the Edmonds Art Festival. The festival was in a park with a stunning view. Incredible!

While Renee was busy selling her art (putting food on the table), Brian poked around Seattle. He found a charming little record store called, Bop Street Records. It was a great store and EXTREMELY helpful staff (almost too helpful!)

One of the days at the festival, Brian took a short nap in his car. He woke up eventually and glanced out his window to see the scene in the picture above. Fireman had cleared out the area and were in the middle of putting out a dumpster fire directly across the street! And we thought Brian was a light sleeper!