Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Break!

On the Friday before Brian's spring break his school was delayed due to snow.

The snow was beautiful...but didn't make it seem very spring-like.

First we drove to Bend to visit Grandma and Grandpa Ross. Grandpa Ross was a natural with Renee's iPhone.

We spent most of our time relaxing - Olive made herself home on Grandpa's lap.

Renee and Grandma kept busy doing puzzles.

When we returned to sunshine in Portland! But we were only home for a few days before going to visit the beach town of Manzanita.

There is a spectacular view of Manzanita as you drive over the point. It would be the last we would see of the sun!

Olive was very intrigued by the ocean smell.

I'm not sure who got more exercise on the beach...Olive or Renee (look closely).

We stayed with a couple that runs the Finnesterre Gallery. They have a beautiful house that they designed and built and were excellent hosts all around! This was their living room.

A pretty cool chandelier they had above their dining table.

Here is the shop - they have been showing Renee's paintings for quite a while now. The shop is a well organized and decorated as the house :)

On the way hoe we took a short walk in the woods.

We found a big tree!