Friday, September 24, 2010

More Mini-Moon Photos!

Our first morning of our Mini-Moon we decide that we want a good breakfast, so where do we Portland. Yes, we drove 20 min. back into Portland, about 6 blocks from our apt. to have breakfast. It was really good though. Here you see Brian with his french toast!

At the hotel there are large outdoor porches to lounge on, read, or relax. We found this one porch with this deep bench-thingy. Brian loves this image because he says it makes me look like a true miniature person, "the smallest thing ever" - Brian

Ruby's Soaking Bath

These photos were taken the last morning of our stay, around 8am, we decided to go in one last time before check out.

They also have showers in the soaking baths that Brian is trying to was off that morning.

Here is our "Experimental Image" section. We found that my digital camera can select a color and have that be the only color in the image, making everything else black & white. We had fun.

This one of Brian is crazy, if you look at the background you will see that every persons face is in color too.

This seemed to be a popular spot for people who wanted to hear the concert but not pay for the concert.

They told us that we couldn't stand right at the fence and look in because we would be blocking a fire lane...this was our solution.

And this is our view of Ray LaMontagne

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dancing Newlyweds

This past summer we took dance lessons - this video is proof that they paid off!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

And Then They Got Hitched!

On September 9th, 2010 we got hitched!

When most people imagine their wedding day, the first thing they think about is going through an airport-level security screening complete with metal detectors and x-rays of the rings. Ahhhh tradition.

The wedding was scheduled for 5:30 and since the courthouse officially closes at 5:00 we got to walk through the deserted building.

Judge Bloch was a jovial guy. This picture was right before we began - our friend instructed us to "look nervous" - 2 out of 3 of us understood those directions.....the shorter two.

After that it was all smooth sailing!

Judge Bloch told us this is known as "the money shot"

After the wedding we chatted with the judge in his chambers. We talked about art, rocks and our friend Lori persuaded him to put on his robe and pose with his gavel. We de-friended soon after.

Just married!


The guy on the bench kept clinking his glass.

Here's the entire wedding party! Left to right: Nancy (Maid of honor), Brian, Renee, Lori (Best woman), tree.

Take THAT threshold!

We love you all very much and are very excited for our ceremony back in Michigan in June!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bizarro Dairy Queen

Right across the street from Brian's school is a Dairy Queen....but it's no ordinary Dairy Queen.

It is a non-franchise Dairy Queen - which means they make their own menu. Don't even try to order a value meal, they don't even have them. It's the only DQ where you can order such gems as, "The Chas Special" and "The Hillsburger." What are these sandwiches? Only one way to find out!

Unlike other DQ, your meal comes on a real plate. This is "The Hillsburger" - the largest of their sandwiches we were told.

We were warned by a colleague that they love to put on a lot of mayo and "Special sauce" on their sandwiches, so we asked for it on the side. We were glad they did when for our one burger they gave us two ice cream dishes FULL of each!

Here you can see Renee demolishing her half of "The Hillsburger" in all it's glory.